Zurich People and Their Money

Kampmann, Ursula

Every story gives rise to characters who actively intervened in contemporary history and whose activities radiated far into the future, quite regardless of whether they were already successful during their lifetime – and whether they were sympathetic or not. Thus people who "reinvented" the future. They have also left their mark on Zurich's history (of money): for example, such personalities as Pastor Huldrych Zwingli, Mayor Waser or the entrepreneurs Escher and Duttweiler. And last but not least, "unimportant" people also play a part in it. The exhibition Zurich People and Their Money has related this in 20 stages. This DVD takes up some of them in a booklet and video.

1 Intro
2 Station 3: On the market
3 Station 7: The "robbery" of the church silver
4 Station 12: Ziegler – the soldier millionaire
5 Station 17: Migros revolutionises the retail business
6 Alfred Escher
7 Outro

Type of product:
online video/DVD with booklet
about 21 minutes
MoneyMuseum by Sunflower Foundation
Edition & year:
1st edition 2008
Place of publication:
Price DVD:
CHF 5.- (only obtainable at the adress below, NOT BY MAIL IN CH)
MoneyMuseum Hadlaubstrasse, Hadlaubstrasse 106, 8006 Zürich


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