West Frankish Kingdom, Odo (887-898), Denarius (Pfennig)


West Frankish Kingdom, Odo (887-898), Denarius (Pfennig) (obverse) West Frankish Kingdom, Odo (887-898), Denarius (Pfennig) (reverse)

King Odo (888-898) was not a Carolingian, but stemmed from the Robertian dynasty – the most acrimonious challengers of Carolingian power in Western Frankia. Odo had to face five years of civil war between his supporters and those of his Carolingian rival Charles the Simple. However, Odo secured his position as king, and assured the union of the West Frankish Kingdom. He looked upon his reign as a continuation of his Carolingian predecessors. This mindset also became apparent on Odo's coinage, as this pfennig clearly shows. It was geared to a pfennig that Charlemagne had introduced in 793. The obverse bears Odo's monogram, surrounded by the inscription MISERICORDIA D(e)I (by the mercy of God). The reverse indicates the place where the coin was minted: BLESIANIS CASTR(um), the castle of Blois.


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