Canton of Zurich, 1 Rappen 1842


Canton of Zurich, 1 Rappen 1842 (obverse) Canton of Zurich, 1 Rappen 1842 (reverse)

In 1841, the mint of Zurich was closed down due to 'sickness and age" of mint master Hans Kaspar Wüst. The mint's tools were sold and the position of a mint master abolished. The last coins from Zurich were struck in Stuttgart between 1842 and 1848; it was the end of a coinage tradition that had lasted for centuries. With the foundation of the Swiss Confederation in 1848, the coinage from Zurich at long last came to a definite end. Two years later, in 1850, a common currency was introduced for the whole of Switzerland. Apart from some minor changes, it is used unaltered until this day.


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