Southern Cameroon, 3 Bikie


Southern Cameroon, 3 Bikie (obverse) Southern Cameroon, 3 Bikie (reverse)

From Africa, many forms of money are known that have developed from weapons. Most of those monetary objects are useless for war or hunting. One example is bikie spearhead money. Around 1900 it was the most common means of payment in the south of Cameroon. Its value depended on size and execution. For a small bikie one could get a leaf of tobacco or a spoon full of salt at that time; 30 bikie would buy a chicken, and for a goat one had to give 200 bikie. During the German colonial time (1884-1919), small spearheads were rated at 10 pfennigs per piece, middle sized bikie at 20 pfennigs and large ones at 100 pfennigs.


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