Vandal Empire, Hilderic, 50 Denarii


Vandal Empire, Hilderic, 50 Denarii (obverse) Vandal Empire, Hilderic, 50 Denarii (reverse)

Like all of the late Vandal kings, Hilderic (523-530) had a complete coin series issued, from silver pieces of 50 denarii down to bronze coins worth 4 nummi. In general, these coins bore a mark of value on the reverse. Yet on some of his silver coins, the king abstained from the indication of value, and instead had a standing Carthage depicted on the reverse. The goddess or rather, the personification held flowers, branches, or, as on this coin, ears in her open hands. The inscription read FELIX KARTG, fortunate Carthage. The obverse illustrated a bust of the king and the legend DN HILDIRIX REX for Domini Nostri (our lord) King Hilderic.


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