Holy Roman Empire, Bishop Pruno, Pfennig


Holy Roman Empire, Bishop Pruno, Pfennig (obverse) Holy Roman Empire, Bishop Pruno, Pfennig (reverse)

Augsburg had suffered badly from attacks of the Magyars during the 10th century. Only the victory of Otto I in the Battle of Lechfeld in 955 put an end to the Magyar raids. In Augsburg, Bishop Udalrich had decisively helped to block the Magyar attacks by building a wall around his city. For that Otto had thanked the bishop by bestowing him with the jurisdiction, the coinage prerogative and supposedly with the right to hold markets. Additionally, Augsburg had become a preferred place for Imperial Diets and also accommodated a royal mint.

To avoid monetary confusions, King Henry II ordered around the year 1010 that royal and episcopal coins should be minted in Augsburg in parallel, but with different designs. This pfennig of Bishop Pruno (1006-1029) bears a cross and a schematic church.


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