Sicily, Camarina, Litra


Sicily, Camarina, Litra (obverse) Sicily, Camarina, Litra (reverse)

This coin is a litra from Camarina, a very popular small coin issued in many ancient towns of southern Italy and Sicily.

The obverse shows the nymph Camarina, while on the reverse swims a swan on the Camarinian lake. Tale has it that this lake was the source of Camarina's misfortune. Once upon a time of drought, it yielded a pestilential stench. The Camarinians consulted an oracle, asking what would happen if they drained the lake. The oracle replied, 'don't meddle with Camarina', but the Camarinians drained the lakenevertheless. Sure enough, soon afterwards a hostile army marched over the bed of the lake and plundered the city.


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