Swiss Confederation, 100 Francs (Vreneli) 1925


Swiss Confederation, 100 Francs (Vreneli) 1925 (obverse) Swiss Confederation, 100 Francs (Vreneli) 1925 (reverse)

In 1895, a new coin design was chosen for the Swiss gold coins: the head of a young woman was to represent the idea of freedom. However, the first patterns greatly perturbed many Swiss magistrates. The lock of hair on her forehead would "make the woman look like a frivolous hussy," incompatible with the dignity of a personification of Switzerland. "And in any case," they added, "our country would be better represented by William Tell or the Swiss patriots swearing their oath of freedom."

But the Swiss public liked the coin. And even today, after more than a century, the portrait of the young Helvetia compares favorably with the other coin portraits of many countries at that time. "Gold Verena," as she is still affectionately nicknamed today, is regarded as one of the most attractive modern gold coins anywhere.


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