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Bockelmann, Eske

Abolishing Money

State socialism, neoliberalism – it's all the same! Thus one could put one's finger on the net result which is drawn in this brochure. For it eloquently demonstrates that with one or the other economic and monetary concept of...

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Kampmann, Ursula

Money in Other Societies

Traditional Means of Payment from the Kuhn Collection

It is incredible what has served other peoples as a means of payment at different times! Beetles' legs and snails, shells and bars of salt, stone axes and glass pearls, all of which are really exotic. It is hard to imagine how people on...

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Fischer, Calista

When Coins Laugh and Quarrel with One Another - A Trilogy

Radio-play texts, pictures and information on the most important currencies from antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times. From the Cuneiform Tablet, the Denar and the Solidus to the Pfennig, the Dollar or the Euro important...

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“What Money Personality Am I?”

We all use money and have a relationship to it. And this publication is about both aspects. On the one hand, it investigates typical facets; that can come to light in the way people handle money. On the other hand, it offers an insight...

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Drachm, Dirham, Thaler, Pound

Money and currencies in history from earliest times to the euro

You will be guided through the monetary and cultural history of Europe by means of many carefully drafted historical maps - from Mesopotamia to the Euro of modern times. 

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