Sunflower Research

  • The Sunflower Foundation is committed to questioning our understanding of money and to spurring us to think about alternatives.
  • The Sunflower Foundation operates the MoneyMuseum in Zurich. Its goal is to stimulate a deeper understanding of money and to increase knowledge about the economic and social relationships that money creates.
  • The Sunflower Foundation is committed to promoting financial literacy through its educational programmes.
  • The Sunflower Foundation supports research in a range of selected topic



Unsere Themen

Our Themes are diverse, but focused on the meanig of money in society.


Money:critical means to  question money, also in the positive sense. What is money, actually? How does it manage the trick, in one way or another, of representing value, worth? What transforms a bone, a coin, a piece of paper, a password or a fingerprint into an exchangeable surrogate of value? What is money, we have to seriously ask, as an idea? 


Eske Bockelmann: a man of letters, writes in a highly focused style about money. One of the most innovative thinkers about money and its origin.  

Money Thinkers: Aldo Haesler, himself an intriguing personality, writes about other interesting personalities in a critical way: the Money Thinkers. 



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