Jürg R. Conzett, Dr. phil., Founder and president

Jürg R. Conzett, 1947, studied history and psychology at the University of Zurich (doctorate 1972); in the USA he graduated from the Management School at Stanford University, California (MBA, 1976). Several years in New York and Tokyo (1976–1980) at the Citibank as a finance analyst trained him in global investment management. As a member of the management of the Dow Banking Corporation in Zurich (1982–1986) he drafted the bank's investment management policy. At the Bank Cantrade in Zurich (1986–1990), a subsidiary of the UBS, he was the director responsible for financial analysis and investment policy.

Since 1990 Jürg Conzett has worked independently in investment management, and from 1999 his main concern has been the Sunflower Foundation, its platforms and the Conzett Verlag.



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