«Publicatios on the History of Money»

Gold – Versatile and Coveted


Gold is a precious metal which, because of its glowing yellow colour and its usually high quality occurrence, easily catches the eye. At first mankind came across it by chance. But soon man deployed all his talents to come into possession of the rare and therefore precious metal. Thus gold has played a part in religions, cults, arts and the goldsmith's guild since time immemorial.

But thanks to its outstanding qualities gold is extremely coveted in other areas, for example in the electrical industry, in space travel, in optical instruments, medicine – and recently also in cosmetics. 

Gold has dominated the currency system as money for over 2500 years. Even today this treasure of the earth is regarded as a safe reserve in times of crisis. Here we present to you some of its qualities and possible uses.

Gold – Versatile and Coveted