On the Power and Changes of Money

"Tradition does not mean guarding the ashes, but fanning the embers."
Benjamin Franklin, American statesman, scientist and author, 1706–1790

The MoneyMuseum as a museum for currency and money revolves around power and changes. For every story about money is tightly related to the history of a people or nation, its powers, developments, climaxes and crises. The MoneyMuseum at Hadlaubstrasse investigates this relation in its exhibitions and the multi-media facilities. In doing so, it places its emphasis above all on the Western history of currency, but also provides an insight into the development of money in other regions of the world. And it also considers not only past but also present and future tendencies on the currency and financial markets.

This is what awaits you:

  • exhibitions of leading currencies, coins and other forms of money
  • digital galleries offering coin and picture tours on the exhibitions
  • coin presses 
  • Videos and publications

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