Welcome at the MoneyMuseum


We are not a traditional museum, but a place of encounter, like the ancient museion. That's why visitors often bring something with them that they associate with money to discuss: an emotion, a thought, a conviction.

In addition to the physical MoneyMuseum, we also offer online content on the topic, which you can access at: moneymuseum.one

The MoneyMuseum aims to appeal to a wide range of people who are interested in social, philosophical and historical issues. Especially people who want to delve deeper into the development and the implicit rules of our monetary system.

The aim of the MoneyMuseum is to stimulate deeper analysis of money and to increase the public’s knowledge about how economic and social movements are connected.

Permanent exhibitions such as "Traditional Means of Payment," with its rich assortment of exotic forms of money, demonstrate the MoneyMuseum’s commitment to explore important socioeconomic themes

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