Andy Keel - Entrepreneur


In his twenties, Andy Keel was a successful banker but something was missing, namely, family life. After the birth of his second child, Keel had had enough. He quit his job and — shock, horror — became a stay-at-home dad. In his new role, he saw firsthand how hard it is to manage career and family, and this led him to develop a new kind of service company — an employment agency exclusively for part-time workers, teilzeitkarriere.ch. He believed he wasn’t the only one looking for a new model to manage the work-life balance and he was right. He has gone on to become a valued consultant for companies seeking to encourage innovation. And breaking from a classical career path, he’s also been able to realize a childhood dream: to produce freeform, minimalist bathtubs in an unexpected material: polished concrete. His company, dade-design.com, is an aesthetic and a commercial success. Rewarding work and ample time for family — Andy Keel has achieved the success on his own terms.


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