Peloponnesus, Elis, Olympia, Stater


Peloponnesus, Elis, Olympia, Stater (obverse) Peloponnesus, Elis, Olympia, Stater (reverse)

The Greek city of Olympia was one of the most important religious centers of the ancient world. Every four years the Olympic games were held there to honor Zeus, the highest of the Greek gods. His temple was situated in a holy district in the center of Olympia. Within the temple area lay the mint, where the Olympic coins were struck.

Zeus was married to Hera, who also had sanctuary in Olympia. For the 90th Olympic games, which were carried out in 420 BC, a mint was installed in Hera's temple as well. From then on, magnificent coins with the goddess' head were minted there, one of which can be seen here. Beneath Hera's chin, the letter L – hardly visible – is engraved as the die cutters signiture.


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