Euboea, Histiaia, Tetrobol


Euboea, Histiaia, Tetrobol (obverse) Euboea, Histiaia, Tetrobol (reverse)

From the first coinage in the early 5th century BC until the time of the Roman occupation, the island of Euboea was known for its exquisite and elaborate coin motifs. The obverse of this tetrobol shows the nymph Histiaia; she has her hair skillfully done and wears a wreath of grapes and leaves, a necklace and pearl earrings.

Histiaia is also depicted on the reverse of the coin; she sits in the rear of a ship, wearing a long robe. The boat seems to be in full speed as she steadies herself with one hand on the mast, while the other holds on to the wall of the boat.


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