Roman Republic, Quinarius


Roman Republic, Quinarius (obverse) Roman Republic, Quinarius (reverse)

This quinarius was minted in Rome by Marcus Porcius Cato in 89 BC. The obverse depicts Liber, the Roman god of vegetation, wearing an ivy wreath. Liber later became identical with Bacchus, the god of wine and fertility. Behind the god's head is the inscription M. CATO, and below is a mint control mark. The reverse depicts Victory, an identification made explicit by the legend VICTRIX (she who conquers). The goddess is holding a palm-branch and a patera, a libation bowl.

This coin was issued during the War of the Allies, when Rome's Italian allies rebelled in order to obtain Roman citizenship (91-88 BC). During that time, Rome produced huge amounts of coins to fund the pays of its legionnaires.


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