What is Atlantis?


If people are asked who or what is meant by “Atlantis”, their answers range from “a myth”, “a utopia”, or “a Sixties hit” to “a search for what is lost”, “the description of the end of the world”, “dreams of the next world” and “a legendary city that was destroyed in classical Greece”.

Atlantis: a long-lost, fairytale country that sank beneath the waves in a natural disaster aeons ago, and which still gives rise to dreams of a perfect, lost world. Countless scientists and amateur researchers have set out to find the place where that paradise might have been. They have brought back all kinds of theories: Atlantis was on Heligoland, in Uppsala or Spitzbergen, in the Canary Islands, in Mongolia, in the Bahamas, in Australia or under the ice of the Antarctic. What these “atlantologists” all agree on is that the lost paradise must have existed somewhere or other, since the whole story was told by none other than the Greek philosopher Plato. Here, you get the answers ...

What is Atlantis?

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