Conditions of use

Disclaimer of liability

The content on the Sunflower websites* are continually adapted and updated. However, we cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness and topicality of the provided information. We accept no liability or responsibility for both the content on websites of third parties with which some content on the Sunflower websites is linked, and for consequences that might arise from the use of such websites.

Conditions of use

All the contents on the Sunflower websites are protected by copyright and are subject to the copyright terms of the Sunflower Foundation itself or of third parties. We endeavour to protect these rights and reserve all further rights connected with them.*

The use of contributions of whatever kind that are not our own which are published on the Sunflower websites require the consent of the respective owners of the rights.

The following applies to the Sunflower Foundation's own productions:

Non-commercial use

The Sunflower Foundation, a non-commercial organisation, adopts a liberal attitude and makes numerous texts, audio files and pictures available for private use on its websites that can be downloaded free of charge. For private purposes the foundation permits the gratis use of its other web contents if it possesses the copyright for them.

Moreover, the Sunflower Foundation permits, on request, the free use and duplication of its web contents and download offers for non-commercial use in the public domain, for example in particular for educational and numismatic purposes.

Commercial use

The use of web contents and offers of the Sunflower Foundation for commercial purposes (for example, for print media, multi-media and layout use) requires the explicit written permis-sion of the foundation. Non-compliance is governed by the penal laws regarding copyright.

As a matter of principle using the web contents and offers of the Sunflower Foundation in a defamatory, libellous way that might injure human dignity is not permitted.

Please address your requests to duplicate and/or use data of the Sunflower Foundation for commercial purposes to: info@sunflower.ch.

Last but not least, we would ask you to indicate the copyright whenever our data is used. Thank you.

At the same time we are indebted to all those who through their permission to publish their picture or text contribution on Sunflower websites have contributed to enriching these pages.

* If in the "Disclaimer of liability" and "Conditions of use" there is mention of the Sunflower Foundation and its websites, these include the websites of the MoneyMuseum and the Conzett Verlag .

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